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Lisa and Sam met at College in Oakville when Sam had made a trip to visit friends at the Sheridan College, where Lisa happened to be attending school. During that time, their first date alone was at a popular college hangout, which was a cozy café in downtown Oakville, known for its delicious lattes and freshly baked brownies.
After Lisaâs initial blurting out, âIâm really nervousâ, and Samâs, âYou donât say, my heart has skipped several beatsâ, they broke the ice and chatted and laughed the entire night away. The two connected instantly and got to know that they both grew up only 15 minutes away from each other. They shared a deep love for their families and had dreams of travelling the world.

Sam and Lisa took time-off to spend time together, and hired an Oakville Limo to ferry them around from one beautiful spot to the other. While the couple was vacationing in Niagara, they took a day trip to one of the many romantic waterfalls in the area and visited the Bridal Veil Falls. With the sun setting and a view of the falls serving as a stunning backdrop, Sam took out the ring, got down on his knees and proposed to Lisa.

And thatâs only the beginning of a fairytale romance.

They decided to tie the knot soon after Lisa completed her graduation at Sheridan. With only eight months away from the set date, they knew that a great deal of planning was required.

Wedding shopping, invitations, wedding transportation, wedding venues to decide and so much more to be done, and they just were not able to decide where to start. As an excited bride Lisa wanted her wedding day to run as smoothly and as elegantly as it could be possible.

And as an enthusiastic groom, Sam wanted each and every little detail of his belovedâs dream wedding to become a blissful reality. They both wanted a perfect Oakville wedding, one which would be remembered by all their friends and family members for many, many years to come.

With a common goal in sight, they decided to go for nothing but the best the city could offer. And that is why they planned on hiring a reliable limousine services company for even a simple arrangement like the limousine that they would be riding from home to the church and onwards to the reception.

Sam and Lisa were certain of the fact that when everything would go as planned, just one tiny detail that went out of place can spell the whole great difference between perfection and disaster. So whether both of them were deciding between a black or white stretched limo, and whether it was the number of guests that they planned to invite on their big day, or how they wanted the seating arrangement to be finalised , no small amount of planning would be enough to ensure that everything was as ideal as they had desired.

For Sam and Lisa couples, most of the things about their wedding day would certainly have something to do with how they appeared; both to themselves and to the people around them that included their closest family, their dear friends and folks they knew from work and college.

So, they arranged with the best Oakville Limo Services company to provide luxury limousines for their personal requirements as well as for the transportation of the entire wedding party. Knowing that the wide array of exotic limousines would help Lisa to have the perfect backdrop in her pristine, dainty wedding gown with its intricate and becoming lace details and long tail, Sam knew that it couldnât get any better.

We all know that a photo can speak more than any number of words. This would be the best way to convey the true joy that Lisa was feeling as she posed, grinning from ear to ear, in front of the gleaming stretch limousine that was beautifully decorated with flowers and ribbons.

Sam realised that nothing would ever give him more pleasure than watching the love of his life happy and relaxed at the wedding ceremony. As he discussed details with the Oakville wedding limo services company associate, he could just imagine the thrill he would get as he saw Lisa dressed in her gorgeous ivory wedding dress, stepping out of the long, elegant black stretch limousine. His beautifully bedecked bride-to-be looked even much lovelier, as she posed against the limousines gleaming black backdrop.

Sam did not want to leave anything to chance or miss out a single detail on his wedding day. He wanted everything to be just the way they planned it to be. He understood that wedding transportation was a very important point to be considered while making other wedding arrangements.

Wedding Limo Service Oakville   by Brothers Limousine

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