Wedding limo service Cambridge

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Your wedding day is all about details, and the tiniest details do matter. You need to find a way to ensure that everything works just the way you want it to workâlike clockwork. And one extremely important part of your wedding plan is arranging for transportation, for the bride and groom and for all the guests who will be at your wedding. In Cambridge, Ontario, many couples opt to hire a wedding limousine service. And if that is your decision as well, you will need to pay attention to several smaller details that can really make a difference in the way things turn out on your wedding day.

First things firstâmake your wedding limo booking well in advance. If you can, try and narrow down on the number of limousines, cars or buses you may need at least six months in advance. To reach this decision, there are several issues that you need to consider.
ï How many guests from places outside Cambridge will be attending the wedding ceremony?

ï Will the bride be traveling to the church alone, or will she be accompanied by her entire entourage?

ï What are your honeymoon plans?

ï When do you want to have the photo shoot?

ï Where is your wedding venue?

ï What are the various occasions you require the vehicle for, for eg. Bachelor and bachelorette party, night out in town, wedding shopping spree, and spa trips etc.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be able to come to a decision about the number and type of vehicles you need. These answers will also help you to decide the make and models that you may need to reserve.
There are fabulous wedding venues in Cambridge and around in the Ontario region. One of the more popular places, which is set in a lovely spot by the Grand River, is called Cambridge Mill. It has fabulous landscaping and gorgeously furnished interiors and offers every couple excellent wedding photo ops. With a classic historical appeal that is combined with a contemporary design, youâd find yourself wanting to be photographed in ever so many spots in this venue, both indoors and outdoors. Another popular venue is the Galt Country Club, with its perfectly manicured gardens and fine architecture. Never hesitate in making the venue choice that you desire, because limousine companies in Cambridge are more than willing to accommodate your travel requirements around the city.

For wedding shopping trips in and around Cambridge town, a compact sedan would be the perfect choice, but for your big day, you will want something that is more impressive, say like a lovely, long stretch limousine. For comfortable transportation for your relatives and friends to and from their hotel, you could perhaps book a limo bus. If you are inviting a smaller group, you could even go for an SUV limousine, which would be perfect for everyone to travel together in comfort.

Depending on your personal requirements, you could choose to accessorise your wedding limousine with several other features. Ribbons and floral decoration for the brideâs limousine, comfortable leather seats you can sink into or a fully-stocked up mini-bar, complete with champagne on ice or your favorite tracks on their sound system are just some popular requests that can be made to the Cambridge wedding limo hire company.
Your wedding limo specialists at the rental agency would be in a position to give you a clear picture of what you can expect on your wedding day. You could choose to hire the wedding limo based on number of kilometers that it is run for. Or they could also create a very special, exclusive wedding package just for you, based upon your needs. Your Cambridge wedding limo hire company could also offer you one of their existing wedding packages which are designed to ne all inclusive and very price effective. Your wedding package would include charges paid for hiring the limousine by the hour, chauffeur charges as well as all the amenities you have chosen to include.

If there is one thing you need to be absolutely certain about when you are booking a wedding limo in Cambridge Ontario is to get to get a look at the vehicle you will be travelling in during that time. If you can, try to meet and have a word with the chauffeur who will be driving you around on these days, so you can discuss your precise requirements one on one with him.

Cambridge wedding limo companies have experienced employees who love to get to know you and your personal likes and dislikes. They understand that each wedding is an extremely personal and involves adding unique touches to the day to make it more memorable. After all, on this day, you only get one chance to get everything right.

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