Tips on arranging wedding limo services for a fabulous wedding

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They say that marriages are made in heaven, but to say that a wedding begins in the back seat of a classy limousine is not an exaggeration, especially if you propose to your beloved in the confines of a luxurious limousine. Can you imagine anything more romantic than asking your love to marry you you in the comfort of the plush interiors of a luxurious limousine?
When your loved one whispers âYESâ to your proposal, you have only crossed the first bridge in your dream of spending the rest of your life with her. You will find you need to sort out a whole lot of details that need to be planned in order to make your wedding a special event. One of the most important arrangements involved in planning a wedding is sorting out the logistics and wedding transportation, and in Ontario, Canada, itâs all as easy as a breeze, if you hire the services of a wedding limo services company.

Letâs talk about some factors that you need to keep in mind while planning the perfect wedding:

Book a wedding at least six months in advance
Wondering about when you should book your wedding limousine? It is best to do so with about six months in advance. Typically, limousine hire companies are very busy in the months of May and June and limousines will be in high demand due to prom nights and other events. So if your wedding date falls within these months, itâs advisable to book your limousine even earlier, say around eight to nine months in advance.

Allow your imagination go wild when you plan your wedding ride

Of course, a luxurious sedan limo would work well at wedding ceremonies. But, if you rather have a unique ceremony, absolutely one of a kind, get creative and come up with a wedding theme. Your wedding limo hire company will provide you with several options of limousines to match your wedding theme. Different types of wedding limousines options include vintage limos, the older looking limos, which bring to mind the 50’s and 60’s and are apt for or a more old-fashioned wedding celebration. For the party animal, there are party limos with fancy lighting, a bar, couch seating and large, flat screen televisions to enjoy great videos.

Transportation arrangement for your wedding guests

Your family, bridesmaids and groomsmen have been working hard to make your wedding a perfect one. Make things easy for them by hiring a limousine to get around to the venue. Once the wedding ceremony is over, get into your wedding limo with your entire entourage and arrive at the reception party in style. At the end of the dayâs celebration, your guests can get into the limo or limo bus and get dropped back to the hotel or home. Limousine rentals are perfect for the stags and bachelor parties which would help provide a safe ride for all.

Keep 20 to 30 minutes of buffer time to every trip

Trouble arrives unannounced, and reasons like traffic and the task of getting excited people into multiple limos can cause unexpected delays. It’s always advisable to keep twenty to thirty minutes to each trip. If you want to be even more careful, drive through each route at the same time and day of the week of your wedding. This can give you a rough idea of the time it will really take. Find out about any irregular events, like festivals, political or sporting events, that may be scheduled on your wedding day and could be a reason for interruptions on the streets and increase extra travel time.

Capture the moment with a lovely getaway photograph

It is possible that your wedding limo company may not allow any kind of decoration on their vehicles. So before you get latched on to the idea of a totally decked-out wedding limo with ribbons, balloons, cans and flowers and stickers, make sure that you confirm with their representative that they allow it. Some companies may allow it, but only for the photo shootâthey will want you to take the decorations off for safety reasons, before the vehicle drives off. Make sure you arrange for your photographer to capture the moment well in advance.

Create your favorite playlists

Why would you want to drive to your wedding in a grim silence? Create a few playlists of your favorite songs to set the mood for your trips to the ceremony, reception and back home at the end of the event. You may want to discuss the type of music player you need, like an iPod docking station to play your music as well, with your wedding limo hire company. If you’re hiring transportation for your wedding party guests, create playlists for them as well.



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