I was thrilled with my first experience of renting a stretch limousine in Halton region, Milton, Burlington and Oakville

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The evening was getting closer and closer and I couldnât stop fidgeting with all my excitement about our prom night which was just a few hours away. As an appreciation for my top grades, my mum had actually booked a stretch limousine for the whole evening so that my friends and I could have a great time. Another reason she said she had agreed to my request was that she would not spend a sleepless night worrying about our safety. Though, I knew, that fear was baseless, because Oakville, the town where we had lived ever since I was born, was a very safe place.  Oakville is located in the Halton Region, which also comprises of the city of Burlington and Milton, which was a quiet yet lovely old town. We had heard about the awesome and classy services that limousine companies offered at my cousinâs wedding, which is why I was keen on getting one for my prom night.

My cousin Beth had booked this gorgeous stretch limousine for her use from before the actual wedding ceremony.  So she had the limousine at her service for all her bachelorette parties, shopping trips, which of course meant traipsing all around the entire Halton region in her fancy limousine. Night outs at the wild night spots in Burlington, trips to day spas with her buddies also in Burlington, wedding venue on the Oakville harbor front, photo shoots at the gazebo at Bronte harbor in Oakville and several other spots; It is no wonder that her wedding event had been perfect. Beth had booked a couple of 24-seater limo buses for her all wedding guests and had planned all of us to have a family and friends outing to the Niagara region.

This was actually for the benefit of some guests who were visiting the region for the first time. And boy, we were was pretty impressed that day, when the limo buses arrived to pick us together with other cousins and common friends of ours from where we waited a pre-decided spot. It was a great bus, very neat and classy and we also had a great chauffeur. On our Niagara Falls trip, we drove past the verdant small country villages in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and reveled in the beauty of the surrounding farmlands. We spotted the numerous âWine Routeâ signs on the highway as we drove by â And we knew exactly where we were heading- we were right on the Niagara Wine Trail and that was a great feeling. Our chauffeur took us to a few of wineries and all of us had been so impressed with the warm welcome that we received- great staff who gave us a very informative tour around their facility and also allowed us to sample some of their best wines. Of course, most of us picked up a favourite bottle or two for later, which we promptly opened to celebrate our tip and Bethâs wedding right on the bus.

Being right in spirit with us, our friendly chauffeur stopped to let us pick some delicious Ontario cheese and some crackers. It had been a brilliant start to our trip. We really could have stayed on in the area, if our chauffeur had not told us of the beautiful sights that were awaiting us at the Horseshoe Falls. Beth had arranged for us to check in to a hotel at a vacation resort that seemingly afforded the best views of the Niagara Falls. And she was right. Some of us chose to chill out and enjoy the sights of the falls from our hotel rooms, while the others chose to visit some of the swanky Niagara Casinos. So when it was time to head back to Oakville, our trip back was pretty mellow, with each one of us reflecting on the lovely time we had spent. So, I was finally ready for the evening- my prom night was upon me. I had put on my beautiful silk and satin gown which we had tailored at one of the best dress emporiums in Oakville. I chose to do my make-up and hair myself, and not make my mum have to spend for that as well. Never take too much advantage- thatâs what I have learnt from her! My friends came home, a total of fifteen of use.

The stretch limo has arrived. Right on time- and it surely was smooth!  It had plush interiors and a friendly chauffer, John showed us all the bells and whistles. He offered us a choice of our own music, and said we could bring along whatever we wanted to hear on that evening. The guys of course were all dub step fans, so they tried out their music on the sound system, which was, I have to say really amazing. Since we were a good two hours away from the beginning of our prom night party, John suggested he would take us cruising down the harbor front to where we could take photographs. The evening couldnât get any better, and we were so thrilled with our first trip ever in the coolest stretch limousine, that the prom party looked a little less exciting in comparison.

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