Why rent or hire Limousine service for wedding, prom or night out in Oakville.

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If you didnât know it by now, Oakville has earned the tag of being the weather capital of Canada. This calm, family oriented suburb just 25 miles away from Toronto, with its pleasing climate, has some of the best places you would want to spend your time and night-outs, so letâs uncover some of the reasons why this lovely lakeside town is also popular with residents and tourists alike. And what would be the easiest way to go about thatâby renting limousine service, of course. What say, live a bit dangerously and extravagantly and hire an outrageous stretch Hummer limo?

As we drive through the well-preserved neighborhood in our fancy vehicle, we find that not only is Oakville a town that offers great residential centers, but it has a strong economic base and proves to be a superb location for setting up new businesses or even expanding your existing set-up. Beautiful parks with abundant natural beauty, excellent schools, fine restaurants, medical facilities dot the landscape of the town. Youâd be surprised to find shopping options from modern malls rub shoulders with quaint old-fashioned shops in downtown Oakville.  As we drive further alongside the historical downtown streets of Oakville, we notice an eclectic mix of converted 19th century buildings which house the stores, service outlets and restaurants. Talk about restaurants, how about stopping at that enticing lakeside grill and lounge at the Bronte Outer Harbor Marina?

And thatâs when we spot the newly married couple strolling hand-in-hand around in the Bronte Outer Harbor area, presumably looking out for picturesque spots for their wedding photography. The wedding car cavalcade was not far behind, and slowly people started getting off their gleaming white limos; the scene was so dream-like, all the flowers and silks floating around the beautiful backdrop of the Bronte Harbor. When the cars dropped off their passengers and drove away to the parking lots, we realized that they were all hired wedding limos; all very professional and impressive. We were pretty sure that the limousine services made the entire wedding ceremony work like clockwork. How else would they that coordinated the entire program, we wondered, if they depended on personal vehicles to get them around the city. Chaos would have reigned.

As we got back into our limo, our chauffeur suggested taking us for a night-out in town. He claimed that the Oakville nightclub scene attracted crowds of people with its all-night parties at funky night clubs and suggested that we hop out in and out of some of the clubs in the areas around Morden Road, Speers Road, and North Service Road. Well, seems he wasnât quite far from the truth, because as we made our way in, we found hordes of young people in a long stretch limo pass by, pretty loud and raucous, actually standing up and waving out madly from their car. Judging from the energetic party atmosphere and their fancy suits and dresses, these kids were unmistakably on their way to enjoy their prom night.  With all their high spirits, they couldnât have been safer than in that limousine with a chauffeur to carefully drive them around the hot spots in Oakville.
We decided to start the next day pretty early. Big plans for the weekend, for after working so hard through the entire week, we decided that it was only fair to unwind a bit and go on a leisurely trip to some areas around Oakville for a Niagara falls trip. We had heard so much about the fancy hotels, modern casinos, concerts, restaurants, wine country and spas, that we just couldnât wait to check it out for ourselves. Our limousine chauffeur arrived on time, as promised, and we began our trip via the Wine Route of Ontario through the bright, lush countryside in our Limo. We were told that there were around 50 wineries in the entire region, each offering its own typical wines, but our chauffeur who was also our guide on this entire trip, told us he would take us to a few select wineries on this wine tour.

We decided to check-in to one of the fabulous resorts in the Niagara Falls, so that we could first take in the sights around the Niagara Falls area, and then proceed on our wine tour, before finally venturing into the neon light decked casino tours. And what a trip it was. One of the greatest things about Oakville is the ease with which we could get around the area because we hired a limousine. From what we observed, it seemed like most people in the area did exactly that. From weddings to school proms, and night outs to longer trips around the region, there seemed to be a perfect limo to suit all of these occasions. Having said that, we decided to continue with our limousine service to take us to our meetings for the rest of the days we were in Oakville. Our chauffeur convinced us that they had the most value-for-money corporate limo trips. So, to commute with comfort in Oakville, always hire a limousine.

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