Oakville Limousine services be good for you

Sitting pretty on the sunny shores of Lake Ontario, Oakville is a town in the Halton region in Southern Ontario. A part of the Greater Toronto Area and situated only 23 miles from Toronto, Oakville City offers its residents and visitors the services of a thriving urban centre. Limousine services are the best source of transportation in Oakville.
Hiring a luxury limousine in Oakville can be an excellent option for people in a lot of different situations. There may be many practical reasons for hiring a limo or it could be just for fun but anyway one looks at it, it can prove to be a great idea.

A super way to avoid stress

Many times, people may be faced with the task of getting to a concert at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts during rush hour or have a visitor picked up from the Pearson International airport. Traffic on the highways and streets of Oakville are overloaded and at times, accidents or road closures cause long delays.

Such delays and inconveniences can often put people in an awful mood at the wrong time. In such situations, having someone else behind the wheels and handling the bumper-to-bumper traffic can be a great option for Oakville residents and visitors who prefer stress-free travel.

One major advantage to hiring limousine services in such situations is the drop off and pick up feature. If one is planning to attend a golfing or sporting event or even a concert, he or she no longer needs to walk for what seems like miles from the venue entrance in order to park. The limousine chauffeur can drop them at the entrance and pick them up when itâs time to leave. This feature is particularly helpful in order to get out of the area at the same time the rest of the crowd is leaving.

Businessmen always prefer limo services for many reasons. Airport limo service to the Pearson International airport is one of these. This service allows busy businessmen to grab their baggage and complete check-in procedures quickly. Oakville airport limo services give them more time to work at the airport if they need to. These comfortable limousines allow businessmen to work en route to the airport and also allow them to catch up with the folks at home or call clients by phone during this time. Corporate limos make a superb choice for anyone not familiar with the Oakville area as there are no wrong turns to contend with.

Avoiding troubles

Fun times at parties and events always involve alcohol. When planning to attend a party, someone in the group is appointed as the driver for the evening and has to abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages. Those who choose to hire a limousine do not have to worry about this, and everyone can relax and enjoy the party with a drink or two, without fearing about being stopped for a DUI.

Night outs at the casinos are more enjoyable with Oakvilleâs casino limo service, so one can enjoy a carefree night at any of the casinos in the region, without worrying about the drive back home. Limousines make sightseeing trips around Oakville even more exciting. The famous wine tour from Oakville and trips to the lovely Niagara Falls limo tours allows visitors to soak in the lovely sights and enjoy the regions delicious wines.

Teenagers benefit a great deal from limo rides too, especially if they are attending university in the Halton region. Parents who rent luxury limos for their teenage children on prom night or grad night are choosing a safer option than when they take rides with friends.

Classy, comfortable and convenient

Oakville wedding limos are a favourite with couples planning to tie the knot. Itâs a great experience to have a classy luxurious stretch limousine readily available at ones beck and call. Luxury limousines also give the bride that inexplicable feeling of pride and excitement as she makes a grand entrance at the venue. Most often, the bride and groom are under great stress the comfortable interiors of a limousine works wonders in soothing their frazzled nerves. Oakville weddings are always more stylish when limousine services are hired.
Holidays are a special time and like everyone else, this is a time when Oakville residents like to spend quality time with their family and friends. Oakville limos make every festival brighter. With their Christmas light tours and New Year Eveâs limo rental services, families can get into the festival spirits, and enjoy an experience that is memorable forever.

Valentineâs Day limo service is a marvelous way for lovers to make this day of love into a wonderful memory that lasts a lifetime. Whatever the couple desires, be it a romantic dinner, dancing all night or just roam around the places around town that are special to them, Oakville limos make their dream into a reality.

Oakville Limousine service By Brothers Limousine


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Great escapes with Burlington Limousine services

Great escapes with Burlington Limousine services

Suddenly one morning I woke up to realize that I had become a part of this mad, bad world, and had unwittingly joined the rat race to get to the first place, which was taking a toll on my health and happiness. This constant desire to prove my worth, both at work and in my social circle was at the cost of sacrificing my happiness and I was actually missing out on living âmy life.â I had to do something about it and pretty soon.

So I sat down and planned out my âmeâ timeâa list of all things I wanted to do all by myself. As my list progressed, I realized that what I really needed as a holiday and to spend time discovering places around where I lived, the beautiful town of Burlington, Ontario. I decided to hire Burlington limousine services to take me around to all the places on my list and do everything I wanted to during my holiday, since limousines are the best mode of transportation in the Halton region.
I had lived in Burlington for over a year now. I had moved soon after I completed my graduate studies in Toronto and I received my first job offer from a company based in Burlington. My parents were thrilled that I was going to be working in a town so close to Toronto, located just 35 miles away. But as it turned out, I got so engrossed at work; I got more and more distant from my parents and friends, and more involved at work. It had been almost a year since I met my parents, when they had come down to Burlington and we had all gone on a wine tour from Burlington, followed by a Niagara falls trip in a stretch limousine. It was time to make changes and amends.

There were a few appointments to move around at the office, with a few major clients visiting soon. I briefed my colleague who agreed to take care of them. It proved to be quite easy, thanks to the professional Burlington corporate limos that we arranged for they had professional chauffeurs that could e relied on to take the out-of-town clients to all their meetings around the city. We also booked an airport limo service to Pearson international airport to drop them off after the meetings.

Taking time off work, I started my holiday with a sight-seeing trip around Burlington. This lovely town that was set on the golden shores of Lake Ontario offered so many treasures for me to discover. My friendly chauffeur began the sight-seeing limo tour with a trip to the Royal Botanical garden, where I marvelled its indoor Mediterranean garden and the gorgeous floral blooms. I then dropped into the many galleries at the Burlington Art Center , admiring unique pieces of art.

Since it was nearing lunchtime, my chauffeur suggested that I stop by for lunch at a restaurant by the beautiful waterfront. This was the first time I had ever dined by myself, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying the experience, watching people busy with water play, skating and model boating. At that moment I believed that there was nothing more relaxing than sitting on the edge of the lake while listening to the gentle sounds of water lapping uniformly against the shore.

I then spotted newlyweds at waterfront carrying out their photo shoot, with a swanky wedding limousine waiting by the side. My chauffeur explained later that couples preferred to hire wedding limousines these days because of the convenience and ease of transportation it allowed. We passed Downtown Burlington, right by the lake, where most middle to upper-class families owned homes. We drove past slowly, admiring some of the beautiful, expensive homes where presumably Burlingtonâs millionaires lived.
I decided to make best of my holidays and catch up with my friend Mollie on a relaxing girlâs night-out in town. Her daughter had her prom night, and it was a fun evening to help her get dressed in her shimmering silver gown, put on her makeup and watch her climb into the prom stretch limo that she and her friends had hired for the night. We sat reminiscing for a while; about how different things were during the time we were in University.

After a grand dinner, Mollie suddenly had the whim to hit the slots at the casino. While it seemed like a crazy idea, I played along and we decided to hire a casino limo service from Burlington to check out the casinos in the Niagara. Suddenly, it felt as if we were kids all over again, as we made plans to spend the whole of the next day. I realized that I had been missing out on so much in life, being stuck in a rut, at work.

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Good times with Milton Limousine services

Moving to Milton was a decision that our family took with much pondering, research and deliberation. It all started when I received an offer from my business partner to set up an office in Milton. Having lived in Toronto for most of our lives, my family was not sure if they wanted to move to a smaller town, though it was just 30 miles from downtown Toronto! Living in Toronto was fun, but the cityâs infrastructure development was just not keeping up with the booming population, so Milton seemed just right for us to start our new life.
Once we got the facts down, it seemed to be the best option for us: my wife didnât need cross borders to get her bargain shopping done, because a new Canadian Target store had just opened this year, my teenage daughter could seek admission at the Wilfrid Laurier University and my son could join the Chris Hadfield Public School, named after the astronaut who was raised in the city. My sonâs dream of being an astronaut just like Chris could finally come true. We also found out that transportation around the city and to neighboring areas was smooth due to the superb limousine services in Milton.

Milton Corporate limos saved the day

The first week was pretty chaotic. Settling down, looking for homes, shopping and I almost forgot that I had my first business clients visiting me all the way from Shanghai. Milton limousine services came right to the rescue with their efficient airport limo service from Pearson international airport. Since they had other meetings to attend in Milton, the limousine company arranged for the chauffeur to take them to their meetings before joining me for a business lunch in downtown Milton. We had lunch at a lovely French Bistro in Downtown Milton which was a combination of historical charm and traditional yet trendy and innovative family owned businesses. We ended the meeting on a positive note, and I bid farewell to my clients, who embarked on a sight-seeing trip to experience the rich and diverse heritage and culture in the Halton region that consisted of Milton, Burlington and Oakvilleâcourtesy of the limousine services company.

Milton sight-seeing trips are fun-filled

Seeing the warm courtesy extended by the representatives of the limousine services company, my clients were persuaded to extend their stay in Milton by two additional days. They planned to do a leisurely wine tour from Burlington, followed by a much famed Niagara Falls limousine trip. It does not come as a secret to anyone that the Chinese love to gamble, and they do not get opportunities to enjoy gambling in mainland China as it is illegal there. They decided to make best of their time in the region and have a good time at the local casinos using the casino limo service. I was extremely pleased with the positive outcome of my first business deal in Milton, and the fact that my clients could have a fabulous time; I decided to celebrate with a relaxed night out in town with my wife.

Milton night-out limos are safe, reliable and fun

Our chauffeur suggested The Symposium Café for our first night out in Milton, and we were so glad with the decision. We relaxed in the romantic atmosphere, enjoying a few pitchers of sangria between us, with no worry of having to drive back home since our trusted chauffeur was waiting for us. It was certainly a great ending to a fabulous day, only made better by the night-out limo services.

Milton limousine services are affordable

The next day morning started bright and sunny. We planned on making most of the day by visiting the school we were hoping to seek admission for our sonâs and a few real estate agents. We started out by dropping at the very same limousine company whose services I had hired for my clients. It turned out they had comprehensive services for any event one could imagineâclassic cars for wedding limousines, Stretch Hummer prom limousines, Festival special services for Christmas light tours, Valentineâs day limo service, New Year eves limo rental service and so much more. My daughter squealed with delight when she learnt about the prom limo packages and made us promise her to hire a Hummer stretch limo on her graduation day. We agreed to her requests, of course, but only if she made excellent grades in class. We all agreed that our stay in Milton, Ontario had started off really well, and showed promises of great times to come.

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Experience the Royalty of Renting a Limousine Service


You may not be born into the royal family, but do imagine living their lives? What comes to mind when you think of the royal lifestyle? Do you recall watching movies and reading books about the lavish living of royalty in opulent palaces, with hundreds of servants on hand to attend to all their needs? Do you imagine beautiful country manor houses with people moving in and out in their expensive limousines, wearing custom-fitted clothes and decked with gold and gem-encrusted finery? Well, these days, you do not necessarily have to be part of the royal family or even rich and famous to be able to experience what it is like to ride in luxury. You don’t need to spend millions to buy and own a limousine to be able enjoy riding like the royalty; experience traveling in luxury by hiring limousine services.

Canada may certainly not be a monarchy, but does that mean that you can’t live like a king or queen? Whether you live in Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto or Cambridge, limousine services provide a touch of luxury and class that is synonymous with the royalty. Limousines are by far the most convenient, safest and the classiest way to travel and they provide the ultimate in high society livingâbest of all, at an affordable price.

Planning a wedding limo in the Halton region?

Can you think of a better way to celebrate your new life with your wonderful partner than cruising across the picturesque waterfront in the Halton region or enjoying the beautiful beaches in Burlington, Acton, Milton or Oakville in an elegant limousine? Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding day, of driving in a gorgeous limousine that takes her to a fantasy world that she’s only visited in dreams. Limousine services offer you that regal pampering that ensures that the dreams really come true.

Feel like a princess when you are greeted by your personal chauffeur before stepping into the lap of luxury, sipping Champagne and listening to your favorite music. Limousine services make you feel you are on top of the world. Glide through your special day in unparalleled comfort and luxury, and pull up outside the venue on your wedding day, only to walk out as the red carpet is rolled out for you.
You will find nothing that is short of royal treatment in your classy limousine with its ample space, plush upholstery and a sleek design which has a genuine presence that impresses all your guests. This is certainly an experience that will touch all of your senses.

Mississauga Limousine says âI love youâ in a way that flowers don’t

Every woman thinks flowers are romantic, but what could be more romantic then when you pick her up in a swanky limousine and drive along the shores of Lake Ontario in Mississauga, ending the evening with a romantic dinner. Limousine services show your loved one that you care.

From Burlington to Brampton, live up the high life with luxury limousines.
Hiring limousine services gives you the chance to experience what it is like to have the luxury of owning a limousine, even if it is for just a few hours. Enjoy travel with all the contemporary comforts like TVâs and state of the art audio system. Savor a few drinks from the mini-bar while you travel to your destination. Parties begin in the limousine en route to your destination. Luxury limousines are a favorite with students attending University or on their way to their prom. Dressed in finery befitting young princesses and princes, limousine services are guaranteed to make every event in their life very memorable. You are left with not only memories of the special event, but also the entire experience of riding the limousine to and from that event.

From Woodbridge to Waterloo, feel rich and famous with limousine services

Limousine companies offer a variety of luxurious cars that range from the classic to the contemporary, each one befitting royalty. Driving the streets in a Woodbridge limo demands respect from everyone who pass by. You will be a guaranteed head turner as you zip through the streets in your swanky limo. People just canât help looking back to see, since they wonder who it is in the back of the imposing car. Together with sense of superior luxury comes an air of mystery that certainly spices up what would otherwise be a normal commute.
If you are the kind of person who looks for ways to make every occasion special, limousine services will never disappoint you. Limousine services add that extra touch of glamour which makes you feel like royalty. If you are an entrepreneur in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, a limousine can show people that you mean business.

Share a bottle of wine in the back seat of a Vaughan Limousine

Wine tours could never be better than when you are travelling in a Vaughan limousine. Your chauffeur navigates through the beautiful country sides while you kick back in the back seats with your loved ones. Enjoy wine tasting at the picturesque vineyards or relax and savour a bottle of wine and some cheese. Only in a limousine will you be taken care of with professional service that befits a king.
Limousine services can certainly make a great change in your life, for those hours that you spend in it. Feel empowered with your personal chauffeur, your very own bar, and all the extensive luxuries. Need to travel? Hire limousine services to feel on the top of the world.

Luxury Limousine service by Brothers Limousine

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Relationships are made stronger when you are able to make someone feel special and important. Great friendships, strong business partnerships and loving romantic relationships are all founded on this simple principle of making people feel special. Itâs always easier to get whatever it is that you need, be it business favors or a desired closeness in your personal relationships, when you make others realise the important role they play in your life by making them feel important.

And what is the best way to make people feel good? An assured way of making people feel cherished, powerful and important would be by arranging safe, comfortable and stylish mode of transportation, of course. From impressing an important business client in Cambridge, arranging airport pick-up for your busy boss arriving at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, delighting your visiting relatives by arranging sight-seeing trips in Oakville, wooing your loved one with a wine-tour in Halton region, thrilling your university attending children with a prom limousine in Milton, or enjoying a relaxed night out in Burlingtonâlimousine services will never fail to make the mark.

And if it is an occasion like your wedding, there is no other aspect that creates a more spectacular impression than the wedding limousine that you and your wedding party arrive in. Wedding limousines play a major role in making magnificent entrances and certainly, nothing beats the pleasure of traveling in opulent luxury and style.

With the wedding day approaching soon, you may know what you plan to wear, eat and say at your ceremony but none of that will matter if you don’t know how to get yourself and your entire wedding party to the wedding location.

An extremely popular trend that has taken the wedding planners by storm is that more and more people are hiring wedding limousines for the entire wedding party. There are several benefits attached to hiring wedding limousine services, which makes it more than just a way to get from point A to point Bâwedding limos provide a chance to make a remarkable statement.

Wedding limousine services provide comfort and convenience
Wedding limousine services start off with your personal chauffeur fetching up you and your guests right at your doorstep. You have the option of selecting a limousine, like a stretch limousine, that would allow you and your elaborate wedding dress to easily fit in the vehicle, without crushing or damaging the fabric. Limousine services ensure that you arrive at your destination on time and in style. Most wedding limos are equipped with everything you need to enjoy a relaxing experience on the way to your destinationâextra-large, extra comfortable space combined with the convenience of having complete control over the music, beverage or air-conditioning.

Wedding limousine services help save money
Save money on renting out several town cars by hiring wedding stretch limousines. It saves you the hassle of having to keep track of several vehicles, as well as allows you to celebrate your special day with your wedding party. Luxury limousines and limo buses are equipped with a full bar, superb sound systems and even televisions. Why wait to celebrate, let the party begin the moment you are done with saying âI do!â

Wedding limousine services also save you and your guestsâ money and trouble parking their vehicles at the wedding venue. The experienced chauffeurs are in charge of their magnificent limos, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the ceremony and reception to the fullest.

Wedding limousine services ensure you stay safe
Limousine service companies hire trained chauffeurs who have passed relevant tests in regard to driving skills and procedures and standards of service. These chauffeurs have also cleared drug tests and are professional, responsible individuals with a thorough knowledge of the city streets. You and your guests can rest assured in the knowledge that you are in safe hands, and revel in the joyous wedding spirit when you hire wedding limousine services for your great day.

Wedding limousine services that promise VIP Treatment

On your wedding day, you and your wedding party deserve nothing but the best treatment, and hiring wedding limousine services only assures you of the same. Professional and courteous chauffeurs in luxury vehicles provide nothing but exceptional service and attention to detail. Thereâs no other way to get exceptionally superior services, than hiring wedding limousine services.

Wedding limousine services enhances your style with unique vehicles

Enhance your style by hiring a ride that is unique and memorable. While hiring a limo service can make your wedding day special, hiring a one of a kind limousine gives it that extra special quality that your family and friends always remember and talk about. Limousine services companies provide an array of classic vehicles that add a unique touch of style and elegance to your wedding day. Feel free to be imaginative and think out of the box, or car, in this case, when it comes to deciding your rideâa swanky Hummer stretch limousine or a Bentley Classicâthe choice is yours. Your wedding limousine will feature in photographs, so always choose a vehicle that you will feel proud of seeing yourself in always.

Wedding limousines are much more than just a functional way to get from your wedding ceremony venue to the reception. Your wedding day limousine transportation has the potential to be one of the most memorable occasions of your wedding day. Make a positive and lasting impression on all the people you love by hiring a wedding limousine service.


Brothers Limousine – Wedding Limousine Service

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Burlington Limo Service

Did you hear someone say that Burlington is third best place to live in Canada? You heard right. Bright blue skies and sunny shores; deep green foliage and cheerful flowers in colors brighter than the rainbow, nodding their heads away perkily in the sun. With the excellent quality of life it offers to its residents, itâs no wonder that the people here are happier. Beautiful Burlington is located en route Toronto and Niagara Falls, on the shores of Lake Ontario. When you are done with the hustle bustle of city living in Toronto, all you need to do is to drive up only 35 Kilometers to connect with nature and all its bounties. And what better way to escape the hassles that come with driving, than to hire a limousine from Brothers Limousine.
Ontario based Brothers Limousine is famed for its exceptionally efficient services in providing limousine services for any occasion you could ever needâwedding limos, prom limos, corporate limos, airport limos, sight-seeing trips that include wine-tours, Niagara Falls trips, casino limo tours to so many destinations from Burlington to cities and towns spread out in Ontario and even all the way to Detroit in the United States of America.

Sight-seeing limo tours to explore the myriad of natural wonders in Burlington

The Royal Botanical Gardens is a treasure trove of beautiful blossoms of various hues. Find joy in the smooth drive of their luxurious limousines that are so perfectly maintained and run so quietly that you can hear the birds chirruping in the skies. Drive up along the Niagara Escarpment, and head for a Niagara Falls tour. Their amiable chauffeur will only be more than willing to stop by beautiful spots that catch your eye, where you could stretch your legs and relax, and marvel at the magnificence of nature in its true form. The Niagara wine trail is a wonder all by itself. With the various vineries spotting the region, stop by at select vineyards and enjoy the regionâs best wines on your very own private wine-tour with Brothers Limousine.

If you have a head for history, do drop by at the marvelous Museum of Burlington, and walk through the various galleries that have preserved history of the region through ages. Burlington is also famed for its gorgeous waterfront and busy downtown. Enjoy a night-out at the cityâs outstanding restaurantsâyou will never be dissatisfied with delicious local gourmet cuisine.

Celebrating special occasions in life in Burlington

For most people, weddings are a once in a life moment, and it is up to the individual to celebrate the occasion with an intimate gatherings or have a large celebration that you would want to share with everyone you know. If you are looking for a unique wedding destination that has everything that you could ever need, you will be happy to hear that Burlington is the place for you. From fashion labels and couturiers to florists and floral arrangements, you have everything that you may need to plan your perfect marriage right under Burlingtonâs sky. Striking wedding facilities like the historical mansion from way back in the 1930âs to a glassed Observatory on the breathtaking lakefront, and enamouring gardens and so much more. And to make sure that everything is absolutely tickety-boo, hire the services of Brothers limousines wedding limo packages. Fabulous, shiny, stretched Lincoln limousines that make your friends and family beam in wonder, as you alight no less elegant than a princess. Make the most of the day with a photo shoot in the wide variety of locations around Burlington. Capture memories of the old world charm that the cobblestones lend in the Village Square. Donât miss taking pictures in the backdrop of the Spencer Smith Park.

For grads that are planning on getting on their most dapper tuxedos and ball gowns to attend your school prom in Burlington, complement the look with one of Brothers Limousines stretch Hummer H2 limousines. Watch the jaw-dropping glee on your friends faces as you make your arrival felt at the venue with all your friends in tow.

Burlington residents also praise the exciting festive packages like the New Yearâs Eve limo rental, Christmas lights Tours and the Valentineâs Day limo Package, which just makes these occasions more fun and unforgettable.

Calm and professional corporate limo services in Burlington

Now, when you have a ride thatâs smooth and easy and always on time, you will find no reason to get flustered. Brothers Limousine is noted for its punctuality, and more often than not, they are always earlier than the scheduled time. Their chauffeurs know their way around, and when you hire their services, all you need to do is relax. No hassles of learning how to operate a rental vehicle or tear all your hair out, getting lost in the streets of Burlington, and reach your meeting all muddled and annoyed. Thatâs no way of doing business, is it? Brothers Limousine also has reliable rides from the airports in the area. So if you need airport transfer to Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in Buffalo or New York airportsâJFK, La Guardia and Newark, the team at Brothers Limousine are the people to reach.


Burlington Limo Service by Brothers Limousine

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Why rent or hire Limousine service for wedding, prom or night out in Oakville.

If you didnât know it by now, Oakville has earned the tag of being the weather capital of Canada. This calm, family oriented suburb just 25 miles away from Toronto, with its pleasing climate, has some of the best places you would want to spend your time and night-outs, so letâs uncover some of the reasons why this lovely lakeside town is also popular with residents and tourists alike. And what would be the easiest way to go about thatâby renting limousine service, of course. What say, live a bit dangerously and extravagantly and hire an outrageous stretch Hummer limo?

As we drive through the well-preserved neighborhood in our fancy vehicle, we find that not only is Oakville a town that offers great residential centers, but it has a strong economic base and proves to be a superb location for setting up new businesses or even expanding your existing set-up. Beautiful parks with abundant natural beauty, excellent schools, fine restaurants, medical facilities dot the landscape of the town. Youâd be surprised to find shopping options from modern malls rub shoulders with quaint old-fashioned shops in downtown Oakville.  As we drive further alongside the historical downtown streets of Oakville, we notice an eclectic mix of converted 19th century buildings which house the stores, service outlets and restaurants. Talk about restaurants, how about stopping at that enticing lakeside grill and lounge at the Bronte Outer Harbor Marina?

And thatâs when we spot the newly married couple strolling hand-in-hand around in the Bronte Outer Harbor area, presumably looking out for picturesque spots for their wedding photography. The wedding car cavalcade was not far behind, and slowly people started getting off their gleaming white limos; the scene was so dream-like, all the flowers and silks floating around the beautiful backdrop of the Bronte Harbor. When the cars dropped off their passengers and drove away to the parking lots, we realized that they were all hired wedding limos; all very professional and impressive. We were pretty sure that the limousine services made the entire wedding ceremony work like clockwork. How else would they that coordinated the entire program, we wondered, if they depended on personal vehicles to get them around the city. Chaos would have reigned.

As we got back into our limo, our chauffeur suggested taking us for a night-out in town. He claimed that the Oakville nightclub scene attracted crowds of people with its all-night parties at funky night clubs and suggested that we hop out in and out of some of the clubs in the areas around Morden Road, Speers Road, and North Service Road. Well, seems he wasnât quite far from the truth, because as we made our way in, we found hordes of young people in a long stretch limo pass by, pretty loud and raucous, actually standing up and waving out madly from their car. Judging from the energetic party atmosphere and their fancy suits and dresses, these kids were unmistakably on their way to enjoy their prom night.  With all their high spirits, they couldnât have been safer than in that limousine with a chauffeur to carefully drive them around the hot spots in Oakville.
We decided to start the next day pretty early. Big plans for the weekend, for after working so hard through the entire week, we decided that it was only fair to unwind a bit and go on a leisurely trip to some areas around Oakville for a Niagara falls trip. We had heard so much about the fancy hotels, modern casinos, concerts, restaurants, wine country and spas, that we just couldnât wait to check it out for ourselves. Our limousine chauffeur arrived on time, as promised, and we began our trip via the Wine Route of Ontario through the bright, lush countryside in our Limo. We were told that there were around 50 wineries in the entire region, each offering its own typical wines, but our chauffeur who was also our guide on this entire trip, told us he would take us to a few select wineries on this wine tour.

We decided to check-in to one of the fabulous resorts in the Niagara Falls, so that we could first take in the sights around the Niagara Falls area, and then proceed on our wine tour, before finally venturing into the neon light decked casino tours. And what a trip it was. One of the greatest things about Oakville is the ease with which we could get around the area because we hired a limousine. From what we observed, it seemed like most people in the area did exactly that. From weddings to school proms, and night outs to longer trips around the region, there seemed to be a perfect limo to suit all of these occasions. Having said that, we decided to continue with our limousine service to take us to our meetings for the rest of the days we were in Oakville. Our chauffeur convinced us that they had the most value-for-money corporate limo trips. So, to commute with comfort in Oakville, always hire a limousine.

Oakville Limousine service by Brothers Limousine


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London wedding Prom Limousine service

I had been so excited and thrilled last month, when Charlotte told me she was getting married, and had selected me as her maid of honor. With less than three weeks left for the wedding, I was not sure anymore. Having recently moved to London, Ontario, I wasnât really sure how I would get things moving and make all the arrangements for the perfect London wedding that she wanted. I loved the Forest City, as London is known, for the reason that the local community has been planting at least 1000 trees each year for over a century. In London you live in a warm and eclectic community with green spaces all around, great dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities, witness national and international sport and entertainment events; what else could a girl ask for! London has immaculately preserved parks and meadows even in my residential neighborhood, so if I feel like a jog or a hike, all I need to do is pull on my shoes or cycle around the pathway bordering the banks of the Thames. Picture that, you big-city people!

Charlotte lived in Toronto, which was just around 120 miles from London. She wanted to have a unique wedding, and that was why she chose to have her wedding venue at Fanshawe Conservation Area that was located on the northeast border of the City of London. An outdoor wedding in a perfectly romantic gazebo hidden away in thick growth of varicoloured trees is what she had in mind. Not many guests, just immediate family and close friends, around 40 people were to attend the ceremony. While researching on the internet, I had this brainwave; what could be better than hiring the services of a limousine company for the entire wedding; that meant having luxury, convenience, and zero-confusion logistics all-in-one! I made my calls and zeroed down to a limousine company that offered a super wedding package. They promised to handle all my requirements beginning with airport limo service from Pearson International airport for visiting guests, shopping trips for the bride and her friends, travelling to the wedding shower and bachelorette party locations, night-outs around town as well as a fancy Lincoln-stretch limo to take the couple to the venue and anywhere else I could think of.

Since some of Charlotteâs family were travelling in from overseas, she suggested that it would be a good idea to arrange sightseeing tours for them. It would keep them busy, and also give us time to concentrate on our dresses and shoes-âkeep them out of your hair,â was how Charlotte put it, but I wanted them to leave London with happy memories and really appreciate the beauty of the region. Arrangements were easy. The limousine company had the perfect packages that included a wine tour from London city en route the perfectly picturesque Niagara Falls trip. We decided to break up the guests into groups, and arrange a limo bus for the larger group and a SUV stretch for the smaller one. Some of Charlotteâs friends from abroad were keen on trying their hand at a few of the casinos, so I requested for a smaller SUV to take them for a night of fun on a brilliant casino limo trip around some of the snazzy and fun casinos like Casino Niagara, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort and Seneca Niagara Casino, among several others. The limo trip packages seemed so much fun that I was sorely tempted to join them on the trips. While I was consulting the representative from the limousine rental services company, I found that a day in the life of a Limousine chauffeur was a busy one; they had services to assist the corporate traveller to get around the city for meetings and corporate lunches and dinners. Limousine services were also so popular with University kids, especially during their prom nights. I saw a very excitable teenager accompanying his mother trying to convince her that a Hummer Stretch Limo was exactly what he wanted for his Prom night, so that he could impress all his friends and have a great time together. Turned out his mother agreed, since she knew that her son and his friends would be safe under the watchful eye of the Chauffeur!

I was glad that Charlotteâs wedding was not scheduled to take place in the peak holiday season. The tariffs for hiring a limo gets higher during this time and the availability of vehicles also not as much, because of the amazing Christmas light tours, Valentineâs day packages and  New Year eves limo services which are extremely popular with residents in London.
I heaved a huge sigh of relief when all arrangements and bookings were finalised with the Limousine rental company. That left me time to make restaurant and spa bookings, select my dress and shoes, book the venue at Fanshawe Conservatory, coordinate the wedding shower, buy gifts; oh, the life of a maid of honor never is easy.

London wedding Limousine service by Brothers Limousine


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I was thrilled with my first experience of renting a stretch limousine in Halton region, Milton, Burlington and Oakville

The evening was getting closer and closer and I couldnât stop fidgeting with all my excitement about our prom night which was just a few hours away. As an appreciation for my top grades, my mum had actually booked a stretch limousine for the whole evening so that my friends and I could have a great time. Another reason she said she had agreed to my request was that she would not spend a sleepless night worrying about our safety. Though, I knew, that fear was baseless, because Oakville, the town where we had lived ever since I was born, was a very safe place.  Oakville is located in the Halton Region, which also comprises of the city of Burlington and Milton, which was a quiet yet lovely old town. We had heard about the awesome and classy services that limousine companies offered at my cousinâs wedding, which is why I was keen on getting one for my prom night.

My cousin Beth had booked this gorgeous stretch limousine for her use from before the actual wedding ceremony.  So she had the limousine at her service for all her bachelorette parties, shopping trips, which of course meant traipsing all around the entire Halton region in her fancy limousine. Night outs at the wild night spots in Burlington, trips to day spas with her buddies also in Burlington, wedding venue on the Oakville harbor front, photo shoots at the gazebo at Bronte harbor in Oakville and several other spots; It is no wonder that her wedding event had been perfect. Beth had booked a couple of 24-seater limo buses for her all wedding guests and had planned all of us to have a family and friends outing to the Niagara region.

This was actually for the benefit of some guests who were visiting the region for the first time. And boy, we were was pretty impressed that day, when the limo buses arrived to pick us together with other cousins and common friends of ours from where we waited a pre-decided spot. It was a great bus, very neat and classy and we also had a great chauffeur. On our Niagara Falls trip, we drove past the verdant small country villages in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and reveled in the beauty of the surrounding farmlands. We spotted the numerous âWine Routeâ signs on the highway as we drove by â And we knew exactly where we were heading- we were right on the Niagara Wine Trail and that was a great feeling. Our chauffeur took us to a few of wineries and all of us had been so impressed with the warm welcome that we received- great staff who gave us a very informative tour around their facility and also allowed us to sample some of their best wines. Of course, most of us picked up a favourite bottle or two for later, which we promptly opened to celebrate our tip and Bethâs wedding right on the bus.

Being right in spirit with us, our friendly chauffeur stopped to let us pick some delicious Ontario cheese and some crackers. It had been a brilliant start to our trip. We really could have stayed on in the area, if our chauffeur had not told us of the beautiful sights that were awaiting us at the Horseshoe Falls. Beth had arranged for us to check in to a hotel at a vacation resort that seemingly afforded the best views of the Niagara Falls. And she was right. Some of us chose to chill out and enjoy the sights of the falls from our hotel rooms, while the others chose to visit some of the swanky Niagara Casinos. So when it was time to head back to Oakville, our trip back was pretty mellow, with each one of us reflecting on the lovely time we had spent. So, I was finally ready for the evening- my prom night was upon me. I had put on my beautiful silk and satin gown which we had tailored at one of the best dress emporiums in Oakville. I chose to do my make-up and hair myself, and not make my mum have to spend for that as well. Never take too much advantage- thatâs what I have learnt from her! My friends came home, a total of fifteen of use.

The stretch limo has arrived. Right on time- and it surely was smooth!  It had plush interiors and a friendly chauffer, John showed us all the bells and whistles. He offered us a choice of our own music, and said we could bring along whatever we wanted to hear on that evening. The guys of course were all dub step fans, so they tried out their music on the sound system, which was, I have to say really amazing. Since we were a good two hours away from the beginning of our prom night party, John suggested he would take us cruising down the harbor front to where we could take photographs. The evening couldnât get any better, and we were so thrilled with our first trip ever in the coolest stretch limousine, that the prom party looked a little less exciting in comparison.

Halton region ,Oakville ,Milton , Burlington limo service by Brothers Limousine


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My joyful days when I rented the Limousine in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge

Having been a city girl for most of my life, I was looking forward to my trip to the Waterloo region for more reasons than one. Besides having to attend my friend Laurenâs wedding, I was so looking forward to explore the region which I had heard so much about; a diverse mix of rural and urban where pristine nature, flourishing high-tech industry, superb arts and culture, energetic urban centres, prominent educational institutions, delectable cuisine, and adventure sports & leisure facilities and located just one hour west of Toronto. There was so much to do, and so little time! Taking Laurenâs advice, I had booked an airport limousine service at Pearson. She told me that was the best way to get around the area as well, so I could retain the vehicle for my entire trip. I was surprised to be met at by a dapper chauffeur in a lovely Bentley limousine. There just couldnât have been a better start. As we drove by to Waterloo, My chauffeur apprised me on the Waterloo region which comprised of the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo. Each city has its own individuality and altogether formed an intrinsic piece of the regional mosaic.

It was wonderful to catch up with Lauren, her fiancé Greg and her whole family. She was a glowing, ecstatic bride and was ready to leave for the venue in her wedding limo which a gorgeous Lincoln stretch limousine. Being a bridesmaid, she wanted me to accompany her and Greg, and I was only too thrilled. I could feel her happiness as she spoke nineteen to the dozen about their romantic getaway to Rome and also about the exciting events she had planned ahead for me- trips to the Niagara, wine tours, casino trips, night-outs, and so many other fun activities that made me giddy just thinking about it. We had reached the wedding venue, the Victorian Gardens in Waterloo, which was well known for its splendid floral displays and typical features of the Victorian era. It had the most beautiful gazebos and green shaded pergolas I had even seen. When Lauren alighted from the limo, it was as though she was in the spotlight with all eyes on her as she made her way to the spot they planned to exchange their vows. After the ceremonies, our knowledgeable limo chauffeur drove the couple around to the scenic spots in the area for photo shoots, and we finally bid farewell to the newly married couple.

Having the rest of the evening to myself, I decided to call on my cousin who lived nearby. When I reached her home in the suburbs of Kitchener, I was pretty surprised to see many of young kids all dressed up and in the highest of spirits. Not sure if I was at the right address, I chose to find out. Turned out her daughter was all ready for her prom night, and to make the evening an extra special one, she had booked them a funky Hummer stretch prom limo, which explained all the excitement outside. She really wanted her daughter to enjoy her last dance with all her friends at school, especially because she was a diligent student who was to her Engineering studies at the University of Waterloo. And she was confident that the kids would be safer driving around in a limo, rather than letting them be by themselves.

Left alone with my cousin, we decided to have a girlâs night-out by ourselves. Since I had my limo waiting, we decided to gather some of her friends and set out to discover hot-spots in the energetic downtown Waterloo club district. With a choice of so many clubs to pop into, we decided to do a bit of bar hopping, something that we couldnât ever remember doing. Well, there is a first time for everything. Assured of our dependable chauffer who was on standby, we decided to let our hair down and party the night through.

I had never imagined that Iâd have so much fun in Waterloo. I spent the next day morning doing a bit of site-seeing, zipping around the city in my Limo. I visit the famous Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery and drove through uptown Waterloo dropping in at some of the interesting private galleries and theatres. The next day promised to be so much fun, because I had so many trips lined up. Lauren had signed me up for a fabulous Limo wine tour, which would take me several different wineries in the Niagara peninsular region where I could actually sample some of the wines, without worrying about driving back. I also planned on visiting the resplendent Niagara Falls. I thought it would be good to take a casino tour, not because it was really my kind of thing, but just because I was in the region.

I was so glad I took this trip to the waterloo region, and what made it best was the marvellous limousine service, which made it so convenient and pleasant to get around this captivating region in Southern Ontario.

Cambridge , Kitchener , Waterloo Limo service by Brothers Limousine


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