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I had been so excited and thrilled last month, when Charlotte told me she was getting married, and had selected me as her maid of honor. With less than three weeks left for the wedding, I was not sure anymore. Having recently moved to London, Ontario, I wasnât really sure how I would get things moving and make all the arrangements for the perfect London wedding that she wanted. I loved the Forest City, as London is known, for the reason that the local community has been planting at least 1000 trees each year for over a century. In London you live in a warm and eclectic community with green spaces all around, great dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities, witness national and international sport and entertainment events; what else could a girl ask for! London has immaculately preserved parks and meadows even in my residential neighborhood, so if I feel like a jog or a hike, all I need to do is pull on my shoes or cycle around the pathway bordering the banks of the Thames. Picture that, you big-city people!

Charlotte lived in Toronto, which was just around 120 miles from London. She wanted to have a unique wedding, and that was why she chose to have her wedding venue at Fanshawe Conservation Area that was located on the northeast border of the City of London. An outdoor wedding in a perfectly romantic gazebo hidden away in thick growth of varicoloured trees is what she had in mind. Not many guests, just immediate family and close friends, around 40 people were to attend the ceremony. While researching on the internet, I had this brainwave; what could be better than hiring the services of a limousine company for the entire wedding; that meant having luxury, convenience, and zero-confusion logistics all-in-one! I made my calls and zeroed down to a limousine company that offered a super wedding package. They promised to handle all my requirements beginning with airport limo service from Pearson International airport for visiting guests, shopping trips for the bride and her friends, travelling to the wedding shower and bachelorette party locations, night-outs around town as well as a fancy Lincoln-stretch limo to take the couple to the venue and anywhere else I could think of.

Since some of Charlotteâs family were travelling in from overseas, she suggested that it would be a good idea to arrange sightseeing tours for them. It would keep them busy, and also give us time to concentrate on our dresses and shoes-âkeep them out of your hair,â was how Charlotte put it, but I wanted them to leave London with happy memories and really appreciate the beauty of the region. Arrangements were easy. The limousine company had the perfect packages that included a wine tour from London city en route the perfectly picturesque Niagara Falls trip. We decided to break up the guests into groups, and arrange a limo bus for the larger group and a SUV stretch for the smaller one. Some of Charlotteâs friends from abroad were keen on trying their hand at a few of the casinos, so I requested for a smaller SUV to take them for a night of fun on a brilliant casino limo trip around some of the snazzy and fun casinos like Casino Niagara, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort and Seneca Niagara Casino, among several others. The limo trip packages seemed so much fun that I was sorely tempted to join them on the trips. While I was consulting the representative from the limousine rental services company, I found that a day in the life of a Limousine chauffeur was a busy one; they had services to assist the corporate traveller to get around the city for meetings and corporate lunches and dinners. Limousine services were also so popular with University kids, especially during their prom nights. I saw a very excitable teenager accompanying his mother trying to convince her that a Hummer Stretch Limo was exactly what he wanted for his Prom night, so that he could impress all his friends and have a great time together. Turned out his mother agreed, since she knew that her son and his friends would be safe under the watchful eye of the Chauffeur!

I was glad that Charlotteâs wedding was not scheduled to take place in the peak holiday season. The tariffs for hiring a limo gets higher during this time and the availability of vehicles also not as much, because of the amazing Christmas light tours, Valentineâs day packages and  New Year eves limo services which are extremely popular with residents in London.
I heaved a huge sigh of relief when all arrangements and bookings were finalised with the Limousine rental company. That left me time to make restaurant and spa bookings, select my dress and shoes, book the venue at Fanshawe Conservatory, coordinate the wedding shower, buy gifts; oh, the life of a maid of honor never is easy.

London wedding Limousine service by Brothers Limousine

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