Brantford Limousine service

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Nested in its groove along the banks of the Grand River, Brantford is a blissful destination where unspoilt pristine natural environment blends with history and rich heritage. Brantford is a city which comes alive with opportunities in sport and adventure.
Home to the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, Brantfordâs healthy environment nurtured ailing Bell and inspired him to continue his research and study of the human voice. His favourite âdreaming place,â was a cosy spot where he used to spend hours in his youth reflecting and basking in the afternoon sun in the enchanting woods behind their home in Tutelo Heights overlooking Canadaâs Heritage River, River Grand.

Located in South West Ontario, Brantford City is at a distance of around 65 miles from Toronto. For lovers of art, the city is a treasure trove of museums and galleries, some of which are managed by talented independent artists. Set in an idyllically landscaped sixteen acre park, the Glenhyrst Art Gallery houses numerous artworks and exhibitions all year round.

Brantford is haven for those who enjoy outdoors. The spirit of nature comes to life in the Grand River, and canoeing through the calm waters would make you aware of the glorious sounds and sights of eagles, hawks and vultures as they glide in the clear skies and swoop into the river when they spy fish. These skies and woods are indeed a sight for bird-watchers eyes since there are several species of birds which also breed along the banks of the river. Guided kayaking and rafting trips through what has been named as the âExceptional Waters,â are the best way to admire the bountiful surroundings of the colorful Carolinian forests and wildlife. Take time to spot a mink or a white-tailed deer while you sail by.

If youâd like a quiet spot of fishing, remember to get your rod because the river abounds with fishes like Bass and Trout. âThe Great Oneâ Wayne Gretzky and his father Walter originate from Brantford and are instrumental in shaping the enthusiasm for sports in the city, and therefore earning the title of âThe Tournament Capital of Ontario.â
Several picturesque riverside cafes and patios and restaurants dot the city, offering delicious dishes prepared from ingredients that are fresh farm produce. There is cheer, warmth and romance in the air, and you wouldnât wonder why Amazon has listed Brantford in its list of 20 top romantic cities in Canada!

The city offers fun-filled night clubs and merry bars where you could spend a wild night or two; relaxing to music played by live band or living up on the dance floor. The best way to get around the city is to hire a limousine.

Extremely reliable limousine services can be hired to take you to your required destination at any hour of the day. All you need to do is book in advance so that you can loosen up and unwind at your evening out. The experienced drivers who are at your service know the area thoroughly and ensure a safe trip.  To ensure that your daughter and her friends have a unforgettable prom night out, you could hire a fancy stretch limo or a luxurious sedan, so that they make the best impression when they arrive at their location, dressed in their best. Their professional drivers make sure that they are transported back at a scheduled time.

In Brantford, services of the limousine companies are also hired on special occasions like weddings, where the hosts want to ensure a comfortable, stylish and hassle-free mode of transportation so that they can enjoy the special occasion and take care of their guests.

If you are on a short visit to Brantford, rely on the cityâs limousine services for transfer to and from the airport. Their competent and friendly chauffeurs not only provide efficient transportation, but also guide you on the many exciting things you can do or places you can visit in the charming city of Brantford.

Brantford Limousine service by Brothers Limousine

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