Kingston Limo service vibrantly modern and historically rich city.

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Situated at the confluence where Lake Ontario and St Lawrence River meet the Great Cataraqui River, the picturesque waterfront city of Kingston presents a modern urban culture bustling with activity. Located midway between the two great Canadian cities of Montreal and Toronto, the first impression a visitor gets of Kingston Cityâs vibrant bistro and boutique urban culture belies the cityâs rich historical heritage and the extensive natural beauty that surrounds it.
Lying at the entrance of the Rideau Canal, Kingstonâs proximity to the waterways has influenced its history and continues to shape its growing contemporary relevance as a major meeting place for cultural, social and business events and conferences. Kingstonâs important role in the regionâs history is underlined by its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most impressive features of Kingston City is its imposing architecture. The centuries-old buildings constructed from the locally-produced limestone have bestowed the title of Limestone City on Kingston. Historically an important trading post because of its strategic geographical location, Kingston first gained prominence during the battle for control of the fur trade in the seventeenth century when the famous French explorer LaSalle set foot on the cityâs shores.

One of the best vantage points to take in the breath-taking waterfront scenic beauty of Kingston is from Fort Henry. The fort presents a panoramic view of the cityâs harbor and floating yachts on one side and the sprawling green parkland dotting the cityâs urban sprawl on the other side. A favorite spot for picnickers and history buffs, visitors to Fort Henry often witness newly-wed couples arriving in hired limousines to take their wedding pictures framed by the enchanting sunset in the background. For those keenly interested in the cityâs history, there are many conducted tours which feature amusing enactments of important military activities which took place in past centuries.

The Fort is easily accessible by road and for visitors, hiring a limousine is one of the best ways to conduct a sight-seeing tour. You can book limousine services in advance and according to your itinerary visit the scenic spots of Kingston and get around the city in a comfortable manner. Though there are many interesting places in Kingston where you can take a stroll, hiring a limousine provides you the perfect mode of transport to take in the immense cultural and historical attractions of Kingston. There are 85 archaeological sites in the vicinity of Kingston which presents memorable tours and photo opportunities for tourists.

A visit to the Correctional Service Museum affords the visitor a unique opportunity to partake in a tour of the museumâs military-related exhibits. The City Hall embodies the architectural style of the cityâs heritage and a tour of this grand building is highly recommended. The imposing external facade of the building is complimented by its equally impressive internal beauty consisting of vaulting ceilings embellished with impressive chandeliers, resounding halls, stained glass windows and the buildingâs centerpiece, the memorial hall. An interesting activity that visitors can indulge in is to venture into the basement of City Hall where a massive world map invites them to stick a pin to mark the city where they are from.

Lemoine Point Conservation Area is another significant spot in Kingston where you can soak in the cityâs natural beauty. After communing with nature at Lemoine Point, you can ask your knowledgeable limousine driver to take you to on a tour of the cityâs shopping and dining scenes and watch the quiet tranquil surroundings of Kingston transform into a cosmopolitan culture.

Limousine services are available from Pearson International Airport to the city center and you can take advantage of the competence of the limousine drivers to show you around town. Hiring a limousine is the preferred choice of business travelers attending a conference at Kingstonâs K-Rock Center, sports lovers going to watch a major hockey league tournament or people attending weddings and other cultural events.

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