My joyful days when I rented the Limousine in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge

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Having been a city girl for most of my life, I was looking forward to my trip to the Waterloo region for more reasons than one. Besides having to attend my friend Laurenâs wedding, I was so looking forward to explore the region which I had heard so much about; a diverse mix of rural and urban where pristine nature, flourishing high-tech industry, superb arts and culture, energetic urban centres, prominent educational institutions, delectable cuisine, and adventure sports & leisure facilities and located just one hour west of Toronto. There was so much to do, and so little time! Taking Laurenâs advice, I had booked an airport limousine service at Pearson. She told me that was the best way to get around the area as well, so I could retain the vehicle for my entire trip. I was surprised to be met at by a dapper chauffeur in a lovely Bentley limousine. There just couldnât have been a better start. As we drove by to Waterloo, My chauffeur apprised me on the Waterloo region which comprised of the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo. Each city has its own individuality and altogether formed an intrinsic piece of the regional mosaic.

It was wonderful to catch up with Lauren, her fiancé Greg and her whole family. She was a glowing, ecstatic bride and was ready to leave for the venue in her wedding limo which a gorgeous Lincoln stretch limousine. Being a bridesmaid, she wanted me to accompany her and Greg, and I was only too thrilled. I could feel her happiness as she spoke nineteen to the dozen about their romantic getaway to Rome and also about the exciting events she had planned ahead for me- trips to the Niagara, wine tours, casino trips, night-outs, and so many other fun activities that made me giddy just thinking about it. We had reached the wedding venue, the Victorian Gardens in Waterloo, which was well known for its splendid floral displays and typical features of the Victorian era. It had the most beautiful gazebos and green shaded pergolas I had even seen. When Lauren alighted from the limo, it was as though she was in the spotlight with all eyes on her as she made her way to the spot they planned to exchange their vows. After the ceremonies, our knowledgeable limo chauffeur drove the couple around to the scenic spots in the area for photo shoots, and we finally bid farewell to the newly married couple.

Having the rest of the evening to myself, I decided to call on my cousin who lived nearby. When I reached her home in the suburbs of Kitchener, I was pretty surprised to see many of young kids all dressed up and in the highest of spirits. Not sure if I was at the right address, I chose to find out. Turned out her daughter was all ready for her prom night, and to make the evening an extra special one, she had booked them a funky Hummer stretch prom limo, which explained all the excitement outside. She really wanted her daughter to enjoy her last dance with all her friends at school, especially because she was a diligent student who was to her Engineering studies at the University of Waterloo. And she was confident that the kids would be safer driving around in a limo, rather than letting them be by themselves.

Left alone with my cousin, we decided to have a girlâs night-out by ourselves. Since I had my limo waiting, we decided to gather some of her friends and set out to discover hot-spots in the energetic downtown Waterloo club district. With a choice of so many clubs to pop into, we decided to do a bit of bar hopping, something that we couldnât ever remember doing. Well, there is a first time for everything. Assured of our dependable chauffer who was on standby, we decided to let our hair down and party the night through.

I had never imagined that Iâd have so much fun in Waterloo. I spent the next day morning doing a bit of site-seeing, zipping around the city in my Limo. I visit the famous Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery and drove through uptown Waterloo dropping in at some of the interesting private galleries and theatres. The next day promised to be so much fun, because I had so many trips lined up. Lauren had signed me up for a fabulous Limo wine tour, which would take me several different wineries in the Niagara peninsular region where I could actually sample some of the wines, without worrying about driving back. I also planned on visiting the resplendent Niagara Falls. I thought it would be good to take a casino tour, not because it was really my kind of thing, but just because I was in the region.

I was so glad I took this trip to the waterloo region, and what made it best was the marvellous limousine service, which made it so convenient and pleasant to get around this captivating region in Southern Ontario.

Cambridge , Kitchener , Waterloo Limo service by Brothers Limousine

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