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The town of Grimsby, Ontario describes itself as, “a little slice of heaven here on earth.” This is definitely true for those looking for either a waiting limo, prom limo or even a wine tour limo. Grimsby limo service can be described as the gem of Niagara Falls limo service. The town of Grimsby is a very special place indeed. It is located between Lake Ontario and the scenic Niagara Escarpment.

Its roots can be traced back as the center of Niagara’s agricultural industry that still continues to thrive today. Situated on Lake Ontario is a strategic place to call home as well as to be the central headquarters of any established business. Overall, catching a limousine is an excellent source of transportation city of Grimsby. Sightseeing can be brought to elevated heights, when it is experienced through Niagara Falls limo service.

This remarkable sightseeing time is located approximately 70 miles away from the downtown area of Toronto. The city is less than a hour’s drive from famous sites such as Miss Saigon and an exciting Blue Jay’s game. Perfection can be seen in the city of Grimsby because of its small town feel. It’s avenues are charming, quiet, and meticulously tree-lined.

There are approximately 19,000 people that call this town their home. Visitors and locals often enjoy the town center and the beaches that are located on the shores of Lake Ontario. There are endless parks to enjoy the natural surroundings that the city has to offer. Prom limo service can be considered one of the best in the area because it is able to provide a whole new feel to prom night.

Along with its beachfront, there are two marinas in the town of Grimsby. This of course is in addition to a free boat ramp. This free boat launch gives the opportunity for amazing fishing, water skiing, and sailing on the majestic Lake Ontario.

There are more than 100 retail stores in town, many of which include liquor and beer outlets, as while as wine boutiques. These quality boutiques pair perfectly with wine tour limo service in the area. In addition, wedding limo service is definitely a memorable one. The amenities that come with the wine transportation service in the town of Grimsby, is definitely a personal and customer satisfaction centered operation.

Grimsby limo service include the opportunity to visit local art galleries and museums and many fine restaurants in the area. Along with fine dining experiences in the tower, bed-and-breakfast operators are ready to make any visitor’s experience warm, friendly, and homely during their stay.

Wine tours, culture, history and endless attractions definitely put the town of Grimsby on the map. With our festivals in early September and the towns are Gallery, artists and culture lovers will feel right at home. The locals are very proud of their small-town feel and personalized experience that they offer to visitors all year round. This of course makes the town of Grimsby just that much more welcoming for visitors.

Grimsby Limousine Service

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